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04 November 2010 @ 10:21 pm
"Mi corazón sigue latiendo madridismo"  

So ... just in case anyone hasn't read about the press conference yet. ... I thought maybe this should as well be posted here ...

"I always dreamt of being a player and to be successful at this club; I now want to suceed as a coach"

Ruben de la Red addressed the media in a press conference to officially put an end to his playing carrer and start a new stage in his life as a football coach at Real Madrid. He was accompanied on the stand by Director General Jorge Valdano. Sports General Miguel Pardeza, Deputy Football Director Ramon Martinez and Formation Director Alberto Giraldez also attended the press conference.

"I am starting a very exciting stage in my carreer. I wish to send my support to all those players out there whose careers were also cut short. I am also very grateful to all the people who have supported me since I fainted. I've fought against this in vain and doctors advised me to stop. I always dreamt of becoming a football player and to be successful at this club, which is the greatest in the world. Real Madrid has watched me grow since I joined the Under-10 side and now it sees me retire from the game. I want to become a coach now. I may have a problem in my heart, but it still beats for Madridismo."

"I am very excited and anxious to start this new stage in my career thanks to the Club. I will be able to continue to work at a place I regard as my home. I will try to learn the skills of a coach and I will give my all to be successful. I am very excited and will be eternally grateful to the Club. I've been watching football from a different perspective for quite some time now, while at the same time I've been preparing for this new stage. Real Madrid are currently one of the strongest teams in Europe."

"I would like to eventually coach a great team like Real Madrid, but I really aspire to be satisfied with myself. I want to reach the elite some day."

"Jose Mourinho was very aware of my situation since day one and he was very clear when he spoke to me. He told me he counted on me if I was able to play, but if that wasn't the case, he said he would be delighted to have me in his staff."

"I've had many great moments. I took a very important step as a player when I was coached by Quique Sanchez Flores on the Under-19 side. I also fondly remember when Castilla were promoted with me on the team and the spectacular season Getafe had when I was there. That's my fondest memory because it allowed me to be called-up by the Spanish national team, with whom I ended up winning the Euro 2008. I then returned to the club that's marked my whole life."

Jorge Valdano
"This day marks a turning point in Ruben's life. He ends his career as a player to focus all his passion for this sport on training. He is, from today, a part of Real Madrid's Coaching Staff snd will start learning about what we do and how we come about it. He will also be part of Mourinho's 'lab', in which every game is rigorously prepared. The objective is for Ruben to learn skills in order to apply them to whatever team he ends up being assigned to. He's gone through all of the different teams the Club has and he will use that experience to continue to be a part of the world of football."


A short video of the conference.
If I may add, it's a heartbreaking one.

Though it's been said a million times: he's going to be an amazing coach.